Oil spill products and environmental services

Oil spill pads and environmental services

Responsible clean-ups and containments

Even with the best of intentions, oil spills are common when working with hydraulics. We help our customers to minimise their environmental footprint, by mitigating oil spill contamination and disposing of toxic waste.

Keeping oil spills contained

As hydraulic experts we know that oil spills are often inevitable. That’s why our Pirtek technicians carry oil spill contamination products that are capable of mitigating environmental harm. From granules and spill pads to plant nappies, if an oil spill occurs on our watch you can rest assured we’ll have it quickly under control.

Taking care of toxic waste

As the only licenced waste carriers in the hydraulic support industry, we know how to dispose of contaminated materials in an environmentally safe way. Not only can our technicians remove harmful waste products from your site safely, we also have the means to ethically dispose of it at every Pirtek centre nationwide.

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