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Flying Start

06/08/2015 | General

Established in 1982, Eastern Petroleum Supplies began supplying fuelling equipment to the aviation industry as an agent for the fluid management giant, Avery Hardoll.  Over the ensuing years the company has evolved into the leading OEM in the field of aircraft, marine and automotive refuelling systems whilst maintaining its core business of component supply.

EPS design and manufacture bespoke systems for all types of fluid handling and offshore and land based refuelling applications that include mobile trailer bowsers, marine bunkering installations, airfield refuelling sets and bulk fuel transportation and offshore and marine helicopter refuellers throughout the world

Customers include police air support, air sea rescue and coastguard units, offshore drilling rigs, drill ships, private yachts, port authorities and airport fuel facility operators world wide.

The company also carries out bulk flow meter refurbishment and recalibration to weights and measures specification, manufacturer Manual Rewind Bonding Reels, Inline Visual Check Jars, Lanyard Reels and Nozzle Stowage Systems.

Located deep in the Essex countryside at Steeple, the modest exterior of the company does little justice to the myriad of specialist bespoke equipment manufactured there. It is not until you look at the photographs that adorn the boardroom that you start to realise the sheer scope and global coverage of EPS.

There are pictures from the Falklands, Saudi, Afghanistan, Algeria, Singapore and Korea. Photographs of platforms, drilling rigs, tanks in containers, Ferraris and Augusta Westland helicopters to make you realise that they are real experts in their field.

“Everything we build is a unique hand-made bespoke unit. Manufactured to the exact demands of the client.   We export 90 percent of our equipment, with a lot of it used in the Middle East.   However we are quite capable of mass producing items and have just commissioned 16 helicopter refuelling units for China.   The work we do here is very diverse. We might be building helicopter refuelling units for Hyundai ships in Korea or more intricate work such as the hydraulic test kit for the landing gear for the Airbus.   This is an oil migration tool that measures oil leak back every time the landing gear is operated. This in turn allows EPS to check the quality of the hydraulic oil and test for wear on the components,” says director Tom Sadler.   “This is where we find Pirtek so useful.   They manage to find all sorts of oddball fixtures and fittings for us.   And the fact that they made a special run out here today, for a £30 fitting we needed, says a lot about the service we get from them.   The fact that we have become the UK distributor for Parker Filtration may also lead to further collaboration between the two companies with Pirtek exploring the market place

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Waterford – Super Plastic Forming

Waterford – Super Plastic Forming

Autolaunch is a company based outside Waterford that makes body panels for high end car manufacturers using an advanced moulding process. The company was founded by Ed and Mick... MORE